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Basic information

«CenterAtom» JSC was established on August 19, 2009.

The sole shareholder of the company is «Atomenergoprom» JSC — a subsidiary of the «Rosatom» State Atomic Energy Corporation.

The goal

The goal of «CenterAtom» JSC is more efficient management of enterprises of nuclear industry and the creation of extra budgetary funding for the activities of the «Rosatom» State Atomic Energy Corporation for a long-term period (2009–2015 years).

An activity of «CenterAtom» JSC is intended

  • to increase the economic output from non-core assets of the «Rosatom» State Atomic Energy Corporation;
  • to optimize the structure of ownership;
  • to increase the liquidity of assets through effective management and implementation of non-core assets of the corporation.

Objectives of «CenterAtom» JSC:

  • to make non-core assets of the nuclear industry a significant source of the «Rosatom» Corporation equity at the expense of profits from the exploitation and sale of non-core assets;
  • to reduce the financial burden on the nuclear industry companies associated with the support of non-core assets;
  • to reduce management burden on the management of profile enterprises by eliminating the need for management decision-making in respect of non-core assets.

«CenterAtom» JSC is working on strategic development of non-core businesses, the efficient use of their property.